Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Home

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Home Tips And Tricks

Is Vastu Shastra really important?

Those who believe in the power of Vastu for their office or home this article will help you know about certain Vastu tips that might help in creating positive surroundings around you. To elucidate Vastu Shastra, it is an ancient guide which is highly practised for better living. The science of direction brings together all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. Each of the elements corresponds to a natural force that affects our lives and those five elements are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space

There are two types of energy: positive energy and negative energy i.e constructive and destructive energy existing in the universe. Positive energy is the one which allows human to prosper whereas negative energy is vice versa.

How can we measure a house energy level? Is it high or low?

Notice the North East Direction of the house, if there is any obstruction then that house is believed to have low energy. Secondly, notice the South East direction, if there is no obstruction then it will indicate that low energy has moved out of this zone.

Given below are the Vastu tips that are important for prosperity:

Vastu tips for home

1.) Doors in your home should open inside and not outside.

2.) To bring prosperity to your family one should hang Swastik and Om symbol on the main door.

3.) Furniture like sofa set, couches can be placed in the southwest corner whereas electronic appliances can be placed in the southeast section of the living room.

4.) While constructing your own house, never construct any room under the stairs

5.) Best place for temple or the prayer room is northeast.

Vastu tips for bedroom

1.) Avoid placing your bed in front of the door.

2.) Ideal direction for your master bedroom is Southwest.

3.) As per Vastu, almond and brown colour is best for bedroom walls.

4.) While sleeping your head should never face north, it can face south, west and east

5.) Avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed as the reflection of one’s sleeping body is considered to be inauspicious.

Vastu tips for bathroom

1.) Eastern portion is suitable for placing the bathroom in your house.

2.) The best place to hang a mirror is the Eastern wall.

3.) Ideal place to keep your washing machine is in Southeast or Northeast.

4.) The toilets should be constructed in the west or the north-west side of the building.

Vastu tips for kitchen

1.) The gas stove should always be placed where the lord of fire exist i.e the southeast corner of the kitchen

2.) For placing refrigerators suitable directions are southeast, west, south or north. One should never place it in the northeast direction

3.) While cooking in the kitchen one should never face towards the south direction

4.) As per Vastu, there should be at least one or two windows in the kitchen.

5.) Go for vibrant colours as they are preferred more when it comes to the wall of the kitchen.

Like our home, we may also require Vastu tips for our office as it is a place from where we generate wealth. In order to bring positivity to your workplace follow certain principles jotted down below.

Vastu tips for office

1.) The entrance of your office should always be well decorated as it creates positive vibes on your customers and guests.

2.) The front door of the office should never be restricted in any way.

3.) Work desk should always be rectangular for the head of the office.

4.) As per Vastu, the centre of the office should be kept vacant.

5.) Ideal side for marketing department is the Northwest.

To conclude, Vastu Shastra is not only important but also an unavoidable need for every person who is looking for a vastu compliant home. By applying Vastu tips in your office one can boost commercial quotient of their property in a great way. Similarly, residential property constructed as per Vastu can help in bringing positive energy and will also keep its occupants in great health. Apart from this, it is always advisable to consult a Vastu expert before relying upon any Vastu tip.

Some Vastu compliant homes to look out for:

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Jainam Garden

Projects in Mumbai and Suburbs:

Maximum Mumbai 

Piramal Revanta

Mayfair Codename Sara Powai

Codename Legacy

UK Iridium

Sethia Imperial Avenue


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