Top 5 Real Estate Myths busted

Top 5 Real Estate Myths busted Latest News

Investing in Real Estate is what everyone is looking for in today’s time. This is the only channel which can possibly deliver returns like you have just hit a jackpot. But there are a certain myths that droopy around and stops people from trying their luck in the world of Real Estate. Here we have uncloaked some of the false fable related to Real Estate

1) There is best time to jump in to buy property:

Reality: There is no best time as such to buy property, real estate price always rises and gets you best in return as well.

2) Real estate investment is all about Luck Factor:

Reality: The Real Estate investment is not about luck it’s about in-depth market research and decisions based on individual goals.

3) Fear of getting cheated buy the developers:

Reality: In today’s time due to the new furnished regulated laws in Real Estate world and with the blessing of RERA it’s a huge sigh of relief for the buyers. There is more transparency in the project and less chances of getting cheated, always check for RERA registered project.

4) Interiors help in pushing the price up:

Reality: It’s not always the same case, sometimes the buyer might redo the interiors as per his/her choice.

5) One should not invest in real estate market at an early age:

Reality: The early you invest the early you are the owner of a property which also gives you a fruitful time span to clear the loans and EMI.So there is no particular age to enter the real estate market.


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