Housing guidelines to fight against Coronavirus

Housing guidelines to fight against Coronavirus Latest News

The number of positive cases impacted by Corona Virus is increasing exponentially in India. Mumbai has come to a near half situation due to this pandemic that has shaken almost 160 countries in the world.

As per Government norms and as announced by our honourable PM, Narendra Modi and CM of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray we've been strictly instructed to follow social distancing. Being a responsible citizen, we need to take the utmost measures to fight against Covid-19. Now that we are all home quarantined, the place where we live in and its surrounding matters the most.

The housing societies should lay strict rules to avoid the increase in the positives. Here are some basic norms that every housing society in India, especially in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, should make a note of.

As a society, precautions to be taken care of and the guidelines should be strictly followed by all the residents.

1.)  Children below 10 years and Sr Citizen above 65 years should stay at home until and unless there is an emergency.

2.) Regular Gathering of people in the society should be avoided also no events should be held in the premise. 

3.) All the guards and sweepers should wear masks with hand sanitizers should be placed at the security gates.

4.)  Playing in society premises should be banned until further notice

5.)  All the residents need to follow Government Notification for Home maids /servants

6.) As per WHO, pets cannot contract Covid-19, so the residents should not force the owners to abandon them.

7.)  Please use mask/handkerchief/tissue papers while coughing and sneezing in the premise.

8.) Societies should implement the toothpick technique while using a lift. 

9.) In case a family member is tested positive for COVID-19, the society must ensure that all other family members also quarantine themselves for 14 days even though there may not be any symptoms. 

10.) If COVID-19 cases are being reported from a particular colony or town then the society must cooperate if even asked to isolate themselves from the other regions.

11.) A resident must refrain using amenities like Indoor sports areas, gyms, common yoga or meditation rooms, clubhouses etc.

Let’s fight against this pandemic, together if we stand and follow norms then this too shall pass. 

We need to practise certain habits like washing hands, using masks and hand sanitizers, avoiding contact with the people who have a travel history 

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