Commercial Properties are a pocket filling asset

Commercial Properties are a pocket filling asset Latest News

Commercial Properties in Mumbai : The pocket filling asset.

The ever hustling metropolitan city the Mumbai is a hub for all corporates and multinational companies. Mumbai has attracted huge demand for commercial properties, and ever since the list of commercial properties is growing with lightning speed. With an emerging and growing market, this investment promises great returns.

Commercial properties in Mumbai has never let us down. Like every city has its own micro markets the island city too has its own like BKC, Lower Parel, Nariman Point and many more. The commercial property fabric is spreading even further in western line towards Goregaon, Andheri, Malad and the ever growing Navi Mumbai from Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Airoli has an immense growth. Mumbai shining its mark in eyes of more and more multinationals to come over.

The commercial properties individual investors can invest in could be:

-Retail building


-office spaces

-Industrial building

Here are four advantages of investing in a commercial property:

Income generation: The best reason for investing in commercial properties in Mumbai is the income generation from commercial over residential rentals. Cash flowing inwards is always the best jackpot hit.

Triple net leases: The attraction of investing in commercial real estate is the  perk of enjoying the triple net leases , the simplest way to put forth Triple net leases is, the owner does not have to pay any expenses on the property unlike the expenses held on to residential property. The lessee bears all the expenses related to the property including the real estate tax. The only expense that the owner has to pay for is the mortgage. This is done by the high end brands example like Starbucks, they have their very own look and feel to the brand which they want to maintain and grow. To keep up to the brands identity and image such brands bears all the expenses and you as an owner yield the lowest maintenance producer of your money. The need for such commercial properties in Mumbai is more as this city serve more such brands.


Appreciation value: The commercial properties in Mumbai have excellent appreciation value. It does not rise or fall unlike the stock markets every day. The investor can always beautify the interior as well as the exterior, raise rents etc. The existing location will always contribute to the appreciation value of the commercial properties in Mumbai.

Longer leases: Another best part of investing in commercial properties in Mumbai is commercial rents typically have investments into interiors coming in from the occupant tenant which would safeguard the interest of the landlord to a greater extent in terms of predictability of lease.



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