5 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Adapt in 2023

5 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Adapt in 2023 Tips And Tricks

It’s that time of the year where we all will soon bid adieu to the year 2022 & welcome the new year 2023. Most of us might have already started with our personal resolutions checklist. But, are you prepared with your business marketing strategy for 2023? In this blog, we will talk about the emerging real estate marketing trends that realtors can adapt in 2023 to have a competitive edge in the local housing market. 

1. Video Marketing 

There has been an overall rise in video marketing in the last couple of years. But no one really knew that it would mark its prominence in real estate marketing too! People these days prefer watching walkthrough videos of listed real estate properties and save time on visits. Especially when everything is going digital and there is a significant change in the buying behavior of most consumers. Well, that’s fair enough. If your buyers are going smart, so should your marketing strategy right? Try including videos for your listed properties on property portals or social media (Instagram Reels) and you will definitely see a considerable increase of inquiries & leads. 

2. Social Media Page

In case you haven’t created a social media page for your real estate business yet, it’s time you create a business profile & establish your presence on social platforms at the earliest. Creating a page on social media sites won’t cost you any money and in return will help you create brand awareness & build an audience. But don’t just go about only selling your properties on social media. Remember, people are not on social media for direct purchase but rather they use social media to interact with brands and stay updated with their happenings. Try a mix of informative, value, & humor content. Your sole motive to be on social media should be to build authority & trust with new audiences.

What are the most common social media sites for real estate marketing? 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube.   

4. Virtual Tours of Properties

The use of virtual tours has skyrocketed since the covid-19 pandemic has happened. Many of the prospective buyers/investors want to view properties online before planning their visit. These tours help a buyer to determine their interest and understand the overall look-&-feel of the property. All-in-all virtual tours have now become a go-to choice for real estate agents marketing high-end residential properties, or commercial properties such as shops, restaurants or corporate venues. Many real estate developers have also started promoting 3D walkthrough videos of their projects. These tours remain a highly popular feature that people look out for when searching for properties online and will probably continue to increase in popularity moving forward and can prove to be a lucrative option for your real estate business. 

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been an important part of marketing strategies for real estate agents since the beginning of its inception. According to a source, 99% of email users check their email every single day.

Email marketing can help you in the following ways,
- Communicate with your audience.
- Create personalized content & produce cost-effective campaigns.
- Generate traffic to your site.
- Increase leads & improve overall sales.
- Collect feedback and surveys.

Building an email list is important and will help you in the long run as it helps you create a personal contact list & offers the liberty of direct communication with your potential customers. Email marketing is still one of the top ways to reach your audience & can also help improve overall sales and leads. Let's just say that email marketing isn't dead yet & will continue to be a critical part of real estate marketing strategies. 

5. Paid Digital Ads

House hunting has now gone digital. Digital platforms existed before the epidemic, but during and after the outbreak, the need for these platforms increased across all industries. On an average, nearly more than 50% of the population in India are internet users & prefer shopping online. Some individuals even booked their properties online. So, while most of the industries are leveraging digital ads for their business, why not use it for the real estate business too? Digital marketing helps you run cost-effective ads & still connect to a larger audience as compared to the conventional marketing practices. Every real estate agent should once try to explore the potential of digital marketing ads.

Bonus Tip:
Sharing genuine testimonials really helps you build trust & credibility with the audience. 

Ask satisfied buyers for reviews and testimonials & try sharing those reviews on your social media pages, email marketing content & even on your personal website (in case, you have one).

Final Takeaway
Having a successful strategy aligned with the latest marketing trends will result in more lead generation, more reach, and more money for your real estate business. It is always important to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends & accordingly keep developing your strategies. Even if not following the latest trends, it’s crucial to at least understand your target audience’s buying behavior which keeps on changing with technological advancements. Understand where they are coming from, which online platforms they use the most, what trends they follow & which marketing activities can impact their decision making process. Create unique, refreshing & valuable content that your audience will engage with. And lastly, be consistent with your strategic marketing efforts which will compound & help you score quality leads in the long run. 

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