How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent Buying Guide

One question that would arise in one's mind is how to differentiate and find a good agent while buying a house. Choosing the right Real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when you plan to buy your dream home. 

A good agent will help you find your dream home without any hassle unlike unregistered agents who might con you into buying a flat with issues like leakage, improper wiring and drainage, or issue with title deed, etc. Some of the unregistered agents might be working as an agent as a side gig and might not be even qualified enough to work as a real estate agent, and might not be good at negotiations which might cost you more money. 

Few of the positive traits in a good agent are:

A good agent needs to be aware of the Real estate market in his area of operation for a property that's for sale or rent. A good agent needs to know what charges the buyer needs to pay for stamp duty and registration and other charges required for paperwork while buying or renting a house.

A good agent needs to know all the legal requirements for a transaction to go forward without any complication and should be able to answer all your queries related to the property and also other technical questions related to real estate as Real estate transactions are complex and need someone who can deal with unknown situations which might occur and hamper the deal.

A good agent does not need to market himself to the people but is generally known because of his good work ethic and professionalism. Most of the agents rely on repeat business and recommendations so they want to make their customers happy, a credible agent generally acquires more clients due to word of mouth and recommendation from previous clients than marketing himself.

Excellent communication skills
A good agent needs to have good communication skills as he can get the deal over swiftly and can help his client rent, buy a house or sell their home hassle free. It is an agent's duty to negotiate the terms and see the deal through in a way that benefits his client. Real estate is a business where an agent's communication skills and his ability to negotiate has a great impact as not only makes or breaks their image in front of their client, it benefits the client during negotiation with the Seller,owner or sellers agent. 

A good agent needs to listen to their clients and understand their needs, priorities and budget and then suggest properties which would check all the boxes in their clients list. If your agent talks too much and doesn't listen to your needs or requests

Code of Ethic
A RERA registered agent needs to hold themselves to a higher standard than other agents. Registered agents are bound by the licence to act in their clients best interest so to find a good agent one needs to examine if the agent is registered with the RERA body and only then deal with the agent as there are several unregistered agents who work with complete knowledge and understanding.

One of the most important characteristics for a Real Estate agent is honesty. There's a lot of money involved in Real Estate transactions and agents generally rely on repeat business or referral and if an agent is assumed to be dubious then the deal will not move forward and you might lose out on a great deal, so always go for an agent with a clean image in real estate.

To shortlist or differentiate and find a good agent one should get recommendations from trusted referrals, homeowners who have had their fair share of experience with a registered agent or simply log on to one of the most trusted real estate portals and search for experienced and registered agents which are personally verified by The Propertist in your area who will help you find your dream home hassle free. In real estate an agent's experience in the industry also counts as the agent has faced situations and complexities before and knows how to tackle them and can help the transaction to go through smoothly with his experience. We cannot stress enough on why Real estate agents are important to find your ideal home but buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that one will take in their life so one needs to get help from an expert when it comes to Real Estate.


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