Why are Real Estate Agents important

Why are Real Estate Agents important Buying Guide

Buyers and sellers are two sides of a coin. One to own a house at a very reasonable price while the other wants to ensure the best from the deal but both want the deal to go through  effortlessly  hence a mediator is required in most of the cases.

A real estate agent is a professional mediator who will act as an intermediary between both the parties and will assist in carrying out a hassle free transaction. People tend to search direct deals but more often than not get confused and lost in the process or could end up paying a lot more than the actual value. Buying or Selling an apartment without any professional help is a tedious process.

There are multiple reasons why one needs to hire a professional agent, few are listed below:

  1. Agents are well-informed:
    Real estate agents are acquainted with the current market price and the availability of the property so they are apt in suggesting properties which would check all the boxes in their clients list. 

  2. Attention to detail:
    Agents have a keen attention to detail when it comes to legal proceedings, new rules and familiarity with the RERA act. They also look at things which might not cross your mind such as leakage, paint erosion, roach infestation etc.

  3. Negotiation Skills:
    Being the mediator between both the parties, it’s an agent's foremost duty to negotiate the terms and see the deal through in a way that benefits the buyer as well as the seller.

  4. Marketing and Advertising:
    Agents have their own networking groups so their reach is exceptionally higher than an individual or a non professional.

  5. Ethical Obligation:
    In India an agent needs to register himself under RERA which requires all its members to hold themselves to an even higher standard than other estate agents. They mostly rely on referrals and repeat business so they are professional and trustworthy and are bound by the licence to act in their clients best interest. So one needs to opt for a registered agent when buying or selling a house.

Without a real estate agent you might have to endure many hardships as it's not as easy as you might initially think it will be. From negotiation, deal closure and  paperwork, hiring an agent is likely to take a lot of stress off your shoulder and potentially close a deal for you much faster than you expected.

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