Why you should house hunt in the rain

Why you should house hunt in the rain Buying Guide

Usually, scouting for houses during the monsoons is believed to be a bad idea. However, experts reveal that there are several advantages of buying a house now.

Firstly, as a result of the pandemic, not many people have ventured out to buy property in the last one year. This has led to a huge build-up of unsold inventory, which developers are keen to clear. So, if you are eager to invest in your dream home, now is a perfect time, and when you do, be sure to ask for a hefty discount at the time of finalizing the deal.


Secondly, no auspicious days fall between June 15" and July 15", due to which, there exists a lull during this time. Propitious days like Akshaya Tritiya and Gudi Padwa usually precede the onset of the monsoons, and it is only a few months post this, that developers see a revival and inflow of queries from potential customers. To overcome this dip in sales and generate interest among consumers, developers are more than happy to dole out incentives to reel in sales during these months.


Another reason why customers refrain from property buying at this time is that unlike summer when they can tag their kids along to view properties—schools, generally, reopen during the monsoon and most parents get busy dealing with back-to-school preparations. Despite these challenges, there are still many advantages of signing up for a new home in the monsoon as well. For instance, a developer may be planning a new project, say during Diwali, and might be keen to sell off his unsold inventory before that.


The physical condition of a home can be properly viewed and analysed during the monsoons. If the property is not a newly constructed one, a buyer can review whether it has leakage problems and also thoroughly inspect the overall physical condition of the flat. To fix these concerns, the seller can conduct minor repairs or refurbish the house for sale. If left untreated, repair and maintenance of such flats with water seepage will prove to be a burden later.


Additionally, during the rains, one is able to accurately gauge the traffic and road situation (potholes, flooding, etc) of a particular locality. Some areas are low-lying and it often helps to do some due diligence to learn about possible waterlogging and drainage issues. It would be ideal to do a recce of the location to get a better understanding of your commuting time and experience.


Also, one can be assured of personal attention and myriad property options during the monsoons, as the real estate company staff and property brokers might have more time at hand. Many developers face a liquidity crunch during the monsoons due to a slack in demand. For instance, if the sale during Akshaya Tritiya or Gudi Padwa is good, then they may not extend any discounts to customers. However, with the prevailing market situation, developers may offer free registration or other freebies to ensure a sale.

Therefore, the implications of the monsoon season are more than just sentimental -they have firm economic roots. With that said, don't hold back from buying your dream home this season.

Source: Mumbai Mirror


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