Which hotspot is the better option Navi Mumbai or Thane

Which hotspot is the better option Navi Mumbai or Thane Buying Guide

“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source,” said the very famous Warren Buffet. Investing in any property is always a good option. Whether you choose to move in or rent it out, any kind of investment always does well. If you are choosing to settle down and looking forward to invest in a property, the foremost thing that needs to be done is a location analysis. Where you invest, makes a big difference. Currently there are 2 areas that are considered to best place for investment- Thane and Navi Mumbai. Which one these do you think is better can be decided once you read through.

Why Thane? An insight into why Thane can be a better option:

Some years back, Thane wasn’t even in the list for prospective home buyers, but thanks to the enormous growth and development in terms of infrastructure as well, Thane is the most sort after place for investments.  Here is a list of reasons why Thane is so much in demand.

  • The Eastern Highway that connects Thane and Ghatkopar is very broad accommodating 4 to 5 lanes for 4 wheelers. Also the eastern express connects Thane to other areas like the whole of South Mumbai.  So basically you can commute to any city from Thane pretty easily.
  • All the top builders these days are coming up with their best projects in Thane. 
  • While other areas have rates ranging from Rs. 9000/- to 14,000/- p.s.f, Thane has rates starting from Rs. 7000/-.
  • Another reason why Thane is preferred is because this city is much better managed with many multiples wards. The roads are broad, wide and clean. Almost a slum-free place, this adds to their positives.
  • Major attractions in terms of scenic views are Yeoor Hills and Ulhas creek. 
  • Many studies have also suggested that Thane will develop on an average of 10 to 12% every year.
  • Also because Thane is so well connected, you get the best of the whole of Mumbai, be it South Mumbai or Borivali. 

Navi Mumbai- why investing here is also a good option- Know more:

  • Being the largest planned city in the world, Navi Mumbai is a major attraction for realty projects-both buyers and sellers. Once a not-so-known place is now gaining popularity for many people as investment options.  Here are the many reasons why Navi Mumbai is growing in terms of real estate.
  • Excellent infrastructure boasts this city. Spread all across; hospitals, schools, mall, movie theatres, markets- name it all and you can find them at our nearest vicinity.
  • The pollution levels are a lot lesser in Navi Mumbai as compared to Mumbai. Also the traffic is lesser which gives you a breathing space from constant traffic jams.
  • The domestic aiport, golf course and the 25-acre complex by Dhirubhai Ambani are attractions that you can look forward to. Once these projects are completed, Navi Mumbai will see more people flocking in for investment. 
  • Navi Mumbai is a commercial hub especially in Mahape and Koperkhairane. So that gives way to many employment opportunities as well.
  • One of the largest railway terminuses for all south-bound trains is in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. It has a total of 16 platforms.
  • Navi Mumbai also has SEZ (Special Economic Zone) which is spread across 13000 hectares of land; giving opportunities to people looking for jobs or to set up business.

Both these areas have their share of benefits and advantages. We have given you an insight into how good both these areas are for investment, however we would leave it up to you to decide on which one is better for you. Based on your requirements, pricing, budgets and needs, you can make a wise choice that will work the best for you.

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