What is a smart home and why should you invest in one

What is a smart home and why should you invest in one Buying Guide

A smart home is a house that has appliances and other utilities which are connected through the internet and are accessible to owners on their mobile devices. Home automation could lead to a positive environmental impact in the future due to its energy-saving attribute. With advancements in electronic tech over the past few years, smart homes are one of the most prolific ones. Smart homes give a sense of security and peace of mind to homeowners who can remotely monitor their homes when they are away from home. Home Automation addresses Security, Safety, Convenience, Energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Entertainment to enhance the living experience for homeowners. 

Smart homes provide efficiency, with a single touch you can control many things in your house. Smart homes are energy efficient as they save a lot on electricity. They’re convenient and comfortable as you don't need to move around and can do the tasks sitting in one place. The peace of mind you get due to the security that these home alarms, surveillance systems offer and saving electricity is unmatched. When devices can talk to one another in your home, it creates a unique ecosystem that makes your life easier. 

Smart homes or home automation is precisely what it sounds like, it lets you control items around you in the house with a push of a simple button. A Smart House starts with integrated control and the means to operate it. The devices are connected with each other and can be accessed by a single point like a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. For some, smart homes can be just having a smart speaker or lights while for some it might be having smart lights, a camera, sound system, curtain blinds, locks, and many more.

It can be confusing to try and make sense of what these smart devices are, so few examples of the most popular smart home devices are and what they can do, all to help you get started on your smart home journey. Users have access to control and monitor devices through Smart Apps or through voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, these devices can set reminders, calendar events, set tasks, reply to your questions and handle all the smart devices connected to your Wifi, while Smart cameras are cameras that work on Wifi which can detect motion when owners aren't home and notify the owners and has features like night vision mode. There are other devices like smart locks which can be locked/unlocked from your mobile or with your fingerprint, smart lights that can be turned on/off with a single tap from your device they are dimmable and can change colors through the app and scheduling options to auto turn on/off the light, smart TV and many more. Users are relieved of a lot of work since they no longer need to start individual devices and processes manually at the time it is needed. 

The next big step toward the future is the smart city, where not only households but also cars, the infrastructure will be connected with each other. While one might feel Smart Homes technology is more of a luxury than a necessity for your family, smart devices are not only cost-efficient, they also are immensely beneficial for the consumers and will be something everyone will have in their homes in the future.


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