What is 7 12 extract and why is it important

What is 7 12 extract and why is it important Buying Guide

Property purchases are amongst  the most important decisions of your life, and this process has a lot of legalities and paperwork involved to ensure property is free from legal claims and litigation.
7/12 Extract is one of the documents necessary to buy property in Maharashtra and is the extract from the land records register held by the Revenue Department of Government of Maharashtra. This document is required while investing in plots in the rural or semi-rural areas. The document is only important when land parts have no city survey counts, because the government has scratched out the use of this document in urban regions in Maharashtra, which include suburban portions of Mumbai.

The document refers to the ownership, occupancy right, liabilities and information of the land. For each town, the extract is kept individually. The paperwork of 7/12 is also necessary for non-agricultural land. This document is intended as evidence of ownership of the land.

Form VII
Village form 7 includes detailed information about the owner of land and rights and liabilities of the landholder.

Form XII
Village form 12 includes detailed information about agricultural aspects of land such as crops produced on the particular land, type of crop and cultivable land.

The 7/12 extract contains the following information about the land:

  • Lands survey number

  • Area of the land

  • Mutation number

  • Changes in ownership

  • Type of irrigation 

  • Type of land 

  • Details of pending loans (buying seeds, pesticides or fertilizers)

  • Details of pending litigations if any

  • Details of taxes paid and unpaid if any

Uses of 7/12 extract or Saat Baara Utara in Maharashtra:

Proof of Ownership
In rural regions, extract 7/12 is used to check for ancient land ownership or any other territory.

Land type and Activities
7/12 extracts may be used to determine the kind of land and the sort of land-related activities carried out on the land

Property Sale Transaction
7/12 extract is required at the Sub-Registrar's office when the sale transaction of land is being done.

Bank Loan
To raise farm credit or to get a loan from a bank, 7/12 Utara should be submitted.

Agricultural Information
Saat Baara Utara is a significant document to obtain information about land and nearby places in terms of agriculture.

Civil Litigation
In the event of any civil dispute, the court wants land record evidence. For this reason, 7/12 extract is important.

7/12 extract or sath baara utara is a very important document while buying land, if one needs to apply for 7/12 extract you can log onto 

Mahabhulekh is a land record website that provides 7/12 extract and 8A extract to citizens online, which are important documents to verify authenticity of the land ownership and to check for disputes if any.


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