Thane is the next Investment Hotspot

Thane is the next Investment Hotspot Buying Guide


Thane, also known as Thana, has become one of the popular metropolitan cities in India.  Located on the north-western side of the state of Maharashtra, the city is an immediate neighbour of Mumbai city and a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, one of the most populous urban transformations in the world.


Thane is one of the fastest-growing city in the state of Maharashtra at the moment, and it is adjacent to the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Due to higher job-availability in Mumbai, a large number of people who reside in Thane travel to Mumbai for work every day. As a result, Thane railway station is the focal point of most trips in the city. With the introduction of the upcoming Bullet Train, the daily commuters are going to be able to travel from Thane to Mumbai suburbs at a quicker pace resulting in making thane a more developed and desirable place to reside in. Plus, with the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation planning to introduce the Wadala-Ghatkopar-Thane-Ghodbunder Road Metro rail, Thane is making a quick climb to the top of the ladder in the Realty sector. Below are a few reasons why Thane should be your next investment destination.


Development over the years has spurred Thane’s growth, the shopping malls, schools, hospitals,  the Thane-Ghodbunder Freeway, extremely accessible and wide roads are all the proof to its developing all-round progress. Ghodbunder is the most developed and hub-spot of Thane. The premium residential apartments with palatial look blended with modern amenities and day-to-day facilities complete the experience of fine living in Thane.

Realty Growth

Before 2000, Thane was considered as a real estate market for people belonging to the low and middle-income group. Mumbai had some affordable vacant spots back then for those looking for a first home. However, post-2000, with real estate developers showing interest, Thane started taking its baby steps on the ladder to reaching a well-recognized area for investment. Post-2004-2005, the major hike in population led to a rise in the demand for Real Estate in Thane. Slowly Thane started emerging as a fond location of investors for dream home location.  Today Thane is competing with its neighbour Mumbai and may soon be equally valuable in the years to come. Ghodbunder Road,  Majiwada, Vartak Nagar, Pokharan Road, Kasarvadavali and

such other areas are slowly booming to emerge into the top areas of investment for home-buyers  

Advance Health Care Facilities

Of Course, if you’re looking for your Dream Home, you’ll be concerned regarding the quality of the Hospitals and health care facilities in your vicinity. Thane has not only emerging as a top area for Real Estate but also is providing you Hospitals with top-class service and Doctors to attend to you and your families well-being.


Looking at the above points, it is pretty clear that Thane now has emerged to an area which has become a favourite choice for people’s dream project. The vast advancing connectivity, top-notch schooling facilities, high-quality health care services and the well advanced and improving infrastructure is only increasing the value of property in Thane as time goes by. Hence, anyone looking for a new dream home can consider checking out property in Thane.

Here are some projects that you can look at for investment opportunities: -

Vihang Valley, Ghodbunder road

Unique Greens, Ghodbunder Road

Madhav Palacia, Nr. Hiranandani Estate

Lodha Codename, Ghodbunder Road

Puraniks Grand Central, Vartak Nagar


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