Simple monsoon home care tips

Simple monsoon home care tips Buying Guide

Finally it's been a while the rains are here and unfortunately the pleasure of enjoying it is restricted with uncontrolled power cuts, bad odour, moist interiors, damp walls and not to mention the eruption of mosquitoes and other kinds of insects at your home.

Some simple smart steps can go a long way in making your home perfect for the ongoing monsoon to avoid the unnecessary discomfort.

Here’s a checklist to look out for:

1.    Keep an inverter ready to smoothly carry out your routine, if you already use one, make sure that its battery is in proper condition. Performance of inverter batteries may be hampered due to lack of regular maintenance, excessive usage, deep discharging, or electrolyte leakage.

2.    Install shades over windows and balconies to prevent water from coming in.

3.    Some plants require less water for growing. Move these in shaded areas so that they aren't spoilt. Similarly, move plants that require direct sun to the more exposed parts of your garden.

4.    Do not let water accumulate in your home or surroundings as these are breeding grounds for mosquitos and various other insects.

5.    Roll up carpets or rugs during monsoon season to prevent moisture and filth from settling on it. Since plastic has been banned use bamboo floor coverings.

6.    Keep furniture a few inches away from the wall to avoid transfer of moisture. Wooden shutters can swell due to moisture; keep them waxed or oiled. Stick to maintenance and cleaning of the existing furniture during the monsoon season. Keep naphthalene balls in wooden wardrobes to absorb extra moisture.

7.    Check all electrical wires and cover all exposed wires to avoid shocks and accidents.

8.    With continuous downpours during the monsoon, sour, moisture-laden unpleasant odour would’ve started engulfing your home. To ensure that a room smells fresh after you have vacuumed it, a few drops of your favourite essential oil should be used to make it smell pleasant.

9.    Moss and fungus grow during the humid climate which is harmful should be taken care of. Therefore, check all exterior surfaces like walls and roofs for cracks and get them repaired, if there are cracks fill them with waterproofing solvents.

How much ever we love the monsoon, it always comes with certain  checklist will make sure you never compromise on that sweet earthy smell, the tiny droplets hanging on to leaves, the thundering sound of the rain, the wind in the hair, sipping piping hot tea with onion fitters and watching the drops fall from your window? While we make the most of this splendid season, it would be worthwhile to protect our homes against the damaging effects of the monsoon.


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