Shahapur The Perfect Destination For Your Second Home Near Mumbai

Shahapur The Perfect Destination For Your Second Home Near Mumbai Buying Guide

From the buzzing of an alarm clock in the morning to the beep of the biometric attendance before leaving the office, we’re all running the marathon of life.

Man seeks peace by escaping the concrete life and being close to nature.  A sense of solace can be found while walking along the path with long trees, astounding views and breathing in the serene environment where birds are chirping in distance. It would be like heaven on earth and this still is a dream to many. Maybe you could now see this dream come to life in Shahapur.   Shahapur also has been declared as No Chemical zone as the Government of Maharashtra, because of the clean and distilled water supply, due to the four dams surrounding it. 

Following reasons should help you see clear as to why Shahapur is the perfect place for your dream home:

Close to Nature:
Shahapur, filled with such green beauty, it is difficult to ignore the peace and tranquillity that comes with it. Being away from the chaos of the city life and living amidst purified air, without breathing in the dusty and carbonated air, among serene environment, unpolluted land and in nature's lap not only gives a sense of relief but also soothing health benefits.

Basic amenities:
There are a myriad of facilities available in close proximity. Namely, the gym, the supermarket, indoor playing space, meditation and yoga room etc. Shahapur also has engineering colleges, hospitals, and various shopping centres in the vicinity.

 No Pollution:
Shahapur has been declared as the “No Chemical Zone” by the government of Maharashtra because of the freshwater supply from the four major dams i.e Bhatsa, Tansa, Vaitarna and Modak.

Great Investment:
Shahapur is the ultimate place for a second home. With scenic beauty comes impeccable health benefits as well. Being surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and ethereal beauty would be the most secure place for retirement. It is all the city life has robbed us off, and it is about time we get back to nature. 

Distance from the city: 
Shahapur, if you see, is comparatively closer to Mumbai than places like Igatpuri, Nashik etc. Hence, you spend less time travelling to your vacation home and you get to spend more time with family and friends, to unwind and to enjoy a peaceful weekend.

There could be a lot of options in your mind for your investment, however, we do suggest you check out Chintamani Habitat, which is a beautiful project in the heart of Shahapur and is worth your investment. 


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