Reasons to invest in Mumbais Real Estate

Reasons to invest in Mumbais Real Estate Buying Guide

Mumbai is the financial capital of India, which contributes 6% of the total GDP of the country. But Mumbai is well known as the City of Dreams. Mumbai has sheltered people from across the globe, everyone who came with a dream in their eyes. Dream of quality education, starting an own venture, investing in a business, better opportunities in life, everyone wants a piece of this sparkling city. But every bird wants to own a nest of its own. It’s a dream for many to invest and buy a house of their own. The problem is when and how? 

This is why we bring you, 5 reasons to invest in Mumbai’s Real Estate. 

RERA Jurisdiction / Jurisdiction of RERA :

Real Estate has changed completely after the implementation of RERA. When an individual invests in a project that is registered with RERA, the builder/ developer gets obligated to inform the investor/buyer about every detail and aspect of the project. The developer will also have to transfer 70% of the amount in an escrow account. Which will ensure the amount would not be used for any other purpose or any project. Thus, protecting the buyer and the investor from malpractices from the developer. 

Affordable Housing:

Compact home is the latest trend in Mumbai City. Compact homes are designed in a way that requires less space and is small. Concepts like Studio Apartments with minimalistic requirements are gaining more attention. Studio Apartments is the new choice of Millenials.
Investing in a space that is low on maintenance with close connectivity to the workplace would be any individual’s choice. 

Fantastic Infrastructure:

Earlier, no heed was paid to investing in infrastructure. But now the times have changed, the Indian government has launched 103 trillion projects, besides 1.70 trillion for transport infrastructure. Investing in infrastructures like the Eastern Freeway, monorail, metro etc has been one of the key factors to ensuring better connectivity throughout Mumbai.

Commercial Capital:

Mumbai has become the commercial hub with a myriad of business opportunities and affordable housing. There are a lot of new venture / enterprises and Multinational Companies rooting to invest in Mumbai’s Real Estate.

High Return on Investment:

One can find many builders / developers in Mumbai. Well known Builders like Rustomjee, Godrej, Lodha, Wadhwa have established their hold in Mumbai’s Real Estate. Bandra, Chembur, Andheri, Thane, Wadala, Badlapur, Shahpur are a few of the places that are now getting momentum with time. To invest in such places would be an investment of a lifetime. 

Investing in Real Estate is like saving for the future. Extra income is something every individual desires, and what best way to invest in wealth? Often individuals/people invest in stock markets, shares, and gold. But the safest and simplest bet would be to invest in Wealth, Real Estate. Wealth cannot be built overnight. And with time, the investment eventually bears fruit.  


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