Monsoon Proofing Your Homes

Monsoon Proofing Your Homes Tips And Tricks

Monsoon is just around the corner - marking the end of this scorching summer heat. And we’re definitely eager, since the temperatures this year soared quite high - so much that it is remarked as the hottest summer in the past decade. But for us Mumbaikars in particular, it's the beginning of a love-hate relationship as always, which will last for almost four months. 

Why? Because it is an absolute delight to sit by the window with a warm beverage, and watch the rains drain out all noise - quite a picture!  But at the same time the season can quickly turn unpleasant when you look around the house and are greeted by leaking ceilings, creaking floorboards, doors and the constant nuisance of  “what is this smell?”.

So the foresight of monsoon proofing your home can spare you a lot of inconvenience. It's okay if you’ve not heard of this term before, because this blog is all the information you’ll need to handle it like a pro. 

1.  Fix Seepage/ Leakage in Walls :  

     The first issue you need to address is the leakage in your walls. Even a slight crack can   become a source of continuous seepage if not fixed.

     What to do - First thoroughly check the areas exposed to direct moisture such as bathrooms, exterior walls, kitchen and utility areas and most importantly ceilings. If you see any crack or dampness, it can be immediately fixed using plaster or adhesives. Make sure you do this as soon as possible, because its advised to have a double coat of the plaster and there needs to be some gap between the first and second layer, ideally a couple of days.

2. Electrical Repairs

 What to do -  Check for shabby switchboards, worn off wiring, as exposed wires can be really dangerous. If there are minor issues you can turn off the mains supply & fix them yourself using electrical tape. 

PRO TIP : Avoid using multiple devices from a single power socket, as it leads to overloading  and might damage sockets.

3. Furniture :

Wooden doors tend to swell up due to moisture and start creaking. Also wooden furniture attracts moisture and starts smelling weird.

What to do - There are several ways you can avoid this. There are special moisture resistant varnishes and sprays that you can use on the wooden frames and furniture like sofa & Bed frames, Kitchen cabinets etc. A coat of such paints might be good enough to cover you through the season. If there is a particular door/window that is creaking/ getting stuck you can sand off a bit from the bottom & side edges. For the hinges, you can use oiling/greasing.


PRO TIP :  There is a clear spray known by the tag name clear coat or lacquer. It's an easy to use can. Follow the instructions properly and it is a good enough DIY moisture resistant coat method for you.

4. Cover Open Spaces:

What to do - If you have an open space such as a balcony / open yard you should cover it up or put a shade on it. This would be convenient because the water would not get clogged. It would also help in protecting all the stuff that you have out on the balcony including any furniture and/or furnishings. 

PRO TIP : Tarpaulin’s readily available and easy to fix, although you might get it at better prices if you acquire it before monsoons, as they might get expensive once the rains start :)

All the above tips & tricks might make it seem that the monsoons bring with them quite a bit of work. But it's highly unlikely that you’ll have all the above issues in your home - maybe a couple of them. The rest you can tend to if you’re keen on precautions and you have the adequate time on hand. For some DIY enthusiast this might just be the kind of work that’ll keep you busy! 

But, If there are too many issues where you live and don't seem fixable, it might be the time to move. Don’t worry we at, have you covered - whether you need to Buy/Sell/Rent a property. You can also check out our properties in your locality or if you need the best locations for your new home - we have blogs for Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & much more on our website!



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