Make your room look bigger with these decor tips

Make your room look bigger with these decor tips Tips And Tricks

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home.” And it doesn’t matter if your home is big or small. You can create a beautiful haven for yourself with whatever little space you got. If you are not one of those living in plush or huge homes, it is absolutely fine.  Even smaller homes can be made to look and feel big with these right tips. At some point even bigger houses feel like they are becoming small, owing to all the stuff that gets added on with each passing year. Read this article below to find out the easiest ways to make your home look much bigger and spacious than it really is. And all this can be done without emptying your pockets.

Focus on one area of your room and highlight it:

If your room is smaller in space, never fill up your room with small furniture. This will make your room look cramped and clustered. Keep just one small yet creative piece of furniture. It should look more like a fashion statement.

Keep your windows open most of the times, this will gives your room illusion, making it look spacious.

Painting your walls- choose your colours carefully:

Always use light colors and avoid darker shades. Light wall paints will give your house or a particular room a bigger look and space. Rooms that have blue, red or such bold colors usually look dark and small. Using light colors should ne bot confided to only walls, make sure you follow this pattern for carpets curtains and sheets as well. That is what makes your room expansive in a real sense.

Furniture that is multifunctional plays a great role. Sofas that can be used as a bed, a coffee table that can be folded are some of the examples. This way after use you could just tuck away these furniture pieces.

Expanding your windows:

French windows are very much in trend. Not only do they look good, but they also give your home a spacious feel. This is because there is more of natural light falling inside and because it is glass, it opens up your room a little more.

Mirror placement if done correctly, it does the trick:

A mirror lets the reflection of outside light fall into your room, thus making it look bigger. If you have a mirror placed next to your door or window, it is the best place to help you make your room a lot bigger and larger. Many people even opt for cabinets that have mirror-doors. This also gives a neat and not-clustered look.

More than the above-mentioned tips, you need to ensure that you clean up your house at least once a month and get away with anything that is not required to remain. A home well-kept is a home better lived in. So keep each room cluster-free and use some of the tips mentioned above to feel like you are living in a luxurious and spacious house.


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