Lighting ideas for your bedroom

Lighting ideas for your bedroom Tips And Tricks

The bedroom is the only place in your home where you spend your maximum time, where you are most comfortable. It is the only place where you go to once you return from outside, and that’s the last room you stay in before you leave the house. Thus, the bedroom should have all the light it needs, at either time of the day; when the sun’s up, or when the sun sets. The sun provides sufficient amount of light during the day, but at night it is dark, and it is up to you how elegantly you decorate it with luminous lighting and fixtures.

So, here are some awesome lighting ideas to make your favourite room look beautiful:

Throw in some bed lamps

You’re a reader, or not, bed lamps are the perfect aesthetics to your bedroom. It adds class and also makes life easier for you. You’re sleepy, and still wanna catch up on that last episode on Netflix, turn on the bed lamps and you’re good to go.

Focus lights to grab eyeballs

Do you love to decorate your room with your favourite piece of art? Well, in that case, you can put on some focus lights right over the paintings to create an impression, to grab attention, and to make it stand out! 

Fairy-lights in the room!

If you have a few book-shelves in your room, you can just put in some fairy lights in glass bowls and decorate that library of yours! You need that yellow color of light to provide you enough warmth for a good vibe while you lie down to read a book.

Funky neon lights to add quirk 

Teenagers, and now everyone is going crazy about writing something on the wall with neon lights. ‘Peace’, ‘Home’, ‘Sunshine’, etc. are a few words that come up in suggestions when you Google ‘Neon lights for my bedroom wall’! They are certainly never going out of trend, any time soon.

Old-fashioned, but aesthetically beautiful Lanterns

Yes, lanterns! Decorate your window with some old-fashioned sea green coloured lantern. They provide the perfect illumination when you have got a friend over, or when you want to have some wine, and want to spend some alone time, looking at the stars, and singing Bob Dylan. 

The Chandeliers to signify royalness

The beautiful crystal chandelier will dangle over your bed. You can pump up the bedroom décor by adding crystal scones on the wall and dress it up with clear pendant lightings. A crystal chandelier with crystal lightings and fixtures for the royalty in you, that wants to flaunt. 

The beautiful Yellow tinge 

The lighting you need when you’ve made your bed, and move on to your dressing seat- Backlight panelling is usually used to highlight the art hung-over, but my suggestion would take you by the awe. Put the backlight panelling and hangover a mirror on it. The yellow tinge you need when you are getting ready would make you look perfect, and would also give your bedroom the final touch!

There are so many lighting ideas and fixtures that would up your styling game and mix and match is the key. No one lighting is ever enough, so grab on some scones and table lamps or some focus lights and hang those fixtures that would make your bedroom look yours.


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