Is location important when buying a house

Is location important when buying a house Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy a home? If you are then, there are a lot of things you might want to consider before taking a final decision and amongst those things ‘neighbourhood’ is one of the important decision-making factors you would be researching and taking into consideration. Industry experts say it’s more important to pay close attention to your preferred locality. After all, a house can be updated and fixed but you can’t change its location, the ambience or your neighbours. 

In fact, you could argue that picking the right neighbourhood is more important than picking the right house. The last thing you want is to buy a property in a locality where you really don’t find like-minded people to socialize with. 

 So if you are looking to buy a home here are a few tips to consider.

Consider your current lifestyle and needs  

Before you commence with house-hunting get a clear picture of your lifestyle and needs. What is your current way of life and will the neighbourhood be suitable. Have a look at your daily routine, jot down the things that make you happy, the things you would or wouldn't live without. Do you love to go for long walks then you’re probably going to want to narrow your search to neighbourhoods that have good walking lanes or garden? Apart from pricing, your lifestyle priorities will possibly be the most important factor in choosing neighbourhood 

Distance matters!

If you need to commute to work every day, distance matters. Your desired location should have good connectivity to the cities with a good frequency of public transport.

The best way to figure out if the commute time is doable is to do a test run during peak times. Go to your desired neighbourhood and travel to work during morning rush hour. That will give you an idea of what your average daily commute time maybe.

 Amenities & conveniences 

Grocery stores, restaurants & shopping malls are usually top of the list when people are looking to see what’s accessible in an area. This doesn’t necessarily mean these amenities need to be steps away, just within short driving distance. In which case, you’ll want to know how long it takes to get to these places and what sort of hours they’re open so you can plan accordingly.

Some excellent locations and projects - 

Thane - 

Shapoorji Pallonji's Northern Lights (Rs. 1.1 Cr onwards), Piramal Vaikunth (Rs. 63 lakhs onwards), TenX Habitat (Rs.70 lakhs onwards), Unique Greens (Rs. 75 lakhs onwards), Mahavir Springs (Rs. 77 lakhs onwards), Kalpataru Launch Code Starlight  (Rs. 82 lakhs onwards)

Powai - 

Runwal Luxury Collection (Rs 1.53 Cr onwards), Runwal Bliss (Rs 1.19 Cr onwards), Vicinia (Rs 1.71 Cr onwards), Emerald Isle Phase 2 (Rs 1.81 Cr onwards), Lake Riviera (Rs 1.76 cr onwards) 

Panvel - 

Balaji Symphony (Rs 55 lacs onwards), Tricity Luxuria (Rs 57 lacs onwards), Wadhwa Wise City (Rs 33 lacs onwards), Hill View Residency (Rs 27.8 lacs onwards)


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