Interior Decor tips of Bigg Boss Season 13 house

Interior Decor tips of Bigg Boss Season 13 house Tips And Tricks

As the show commenced this Sunday we can't stop gushing over its vibrant, fun and quirky interior. The Bigg Boss house set has been designed by renowned art director Omang Kumar who had been working on this project for a year. 

"We have tried to reduce the use of plastic as much as we could. This is done basically to reduce pollution. We have used more fibre and different plaster of Paris (POP). Plastic and thermocol were easier, simpler, lighter and cheaper but as Indian citizens, we need to think about the larger picture. We used POP and fibre, which is long-lasting," Kumar says - Economic Times 

Quirky Living room 

Picture Courtesy: Instagram (@colorstv)                                                                 

From splash of pop colors adorned with art pieces on the wall to antique as well as modern furniture makes the space fun and eye-catchy the living room is the place which gets noticed the most has been carefully crafted.

Cozy Bedroom

Picture Courtesy: Instagram(@colorstv)  

The bedroom has single, double and triple sharing beds with comfortable faux at the headrest along with seating area.  A 3D zipper art installation runs over the wall which inscribes various expression that highlights and uplifts the room.

Elegant Kitchen  

Picture Courtesy: Instagram(@colorstv)  

The kitchen where most of the drama happens is comparatively sober and elegant than other spaces. An art installation with curated pieces of utensils painted in pastel colours and wooden finishing makes the kitchen very much appealing.  

Dining Area 

Picture Courtesy: Instagram(@colorstv)  

A huge dining table in a shape of the eye with fur faux cover chairs divides the large living area from the kitchen. The animal print on the wall and the jigsaw theme flooring makes the ambient lit which will also lit your mood instantly.

Confession Room

Picture Courtesy: Instagram(@colorstv)  

The room where most of the contestant interact with Bigg Boss has a comfortable deewan for seating. The room has a very rustic and gothic vibe with hundreds of ropes hanging around the ceiling. The spokes as well the lighting makes it look classy.

Funky Bathroom 

Picture Courtesy: Instagram(@colorstv)  

Walls and doors of the bathroom are painted with doodles and graffiti to bring out the fun element. Cosy seating in the form of a hot air balloon in the corner area is probably for the Bigg Boss 13 contestants to plot and plan with ease.

Bigg Boss interior designer Kumar says the challenge for him is to work on people’s mind. “That is how reality shows work. The channel does their creative work every week by introducing new angles and new games, whereas I work on the house and surroundings, and I’m extremely excited for our contestants and viewers as we open the doors of our 'Bigg Boss Museum'. We’ve very carefully crafted each wall with elements that reflect contestants’ ideologies, that exemplify the game and its rules. There’s a wall with caricatures of different emotions, that denote various shades of a person and the roles they will play through their days of lock-in, hoping to be victorious. The house becomes a home for them, and therefore, we have balanced out quirky modules with hush-toned furniture and bright lighting, that will also boost moods, and amplify the set-up well,” concluded Kumar.- Daily Hunt.

We are quite excited to see the daily happenings in this house. Are you? Well before that let us know your favourite room in Bigg Boss 13 house. 


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