Ghodbunder road is the investment hotspot

Ghodbunder road is the investment hotspot Buying Guide

Ghodbunder road which also referred to ad State Highway 42 is considered to be the latest and topmost favourite spot for people to make investments. The development that has happened in this area is very evident since there are many people buying properties in and around Ghodbunder. The area is well connected with many modes of transport, malls, schools and hospitals. With so many amenities available, it certainly makes this area the top most favourite investment spot. Another fascination and attraction is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is visited by people all over.

Real Estate Investors have earned around 20% returns on their investments in Ghodbunder Road in the past 2 years. It has seen many residential and commercial projects coming up over the years and with each passing year, it has only grown. So if you are somebody looking forward to own a property in Ghodbunder, you couldn’t be making a better choice. While you finally come to a decision of owning one, there are a couple of things to look into like enquiring about the current real estate prices that are running in that area. Also, like mentioned earlier, this area is very well connected, even then look around to see all the conveniences that you need and the distance from your plot.

If you are a youngster making your first investment, the one thing that you will want to be wary of is making any financial mistakes. Hence if you are planning to own a plot for residential purpose or looking forward to buy a property in Mumbai, the first and foremost step that needs to be taken is,  know about all those financial aspects that goes into the buying of a property.

Especially in an area like Ghodbunder, thanks to the many facilities this area offers, the rates of properties will differ from the rest of the cities.  The prices of flats have increased in the last 2 years owing to the many developments this area has witnessed. Any investment done here will ensure you good returns as well since there is much more hope and scope of development. Flyovers, bridges, malls, international airport which is easily accessible are some of the major attractions for people.  With so many other facilities provided by our Government, owning a house or an office may no longer look like a distant dream. 

You can own one in this area which is connected to every possible mode of transport. Many developer and private builders have taken up projects for both commercial and residential purposes in this area. In the near future, Ghodbunder will have more people flocking in to have a place of their own.

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Ghodbunder is currently considered as a leading real estate place in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Earlier this area had many abandoned plots and paddy fields, but now it has been put to good use and hence that is what makes this the best area to live in. So wait no more, and invest here for good. This area has many big plans for itself in the future and hence the development will only scale and reach sky-high.

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