Eco friendly home decor ideas

Eco friendly home decor ideas Tips And Tricks

Buying a house in Mumbai or any other metropolitan city is not an easy task. With property prices going up each day, demand for compact homes is rising. Since these compact homes are a little smaller, people use a more minimalist approach to decorate these houses and to ensure the homes appear bright, airy and big.  

With the increasing pollution and toxic waste in the world and no signs of it slowing down, using eco-friendly home decor solutions in day to day life looks more of a necessity. Going eco friendly improves one's quality of life as well as contributes to helping the environment and make it safer for future generations.

If one wants to go eco friendly there are several eco-friendly interior home decor ideas:

  1. Vintage products- One should opt for pre-owned vintage products that are made with skill and care as they last longer, look aesthetic and are made with exceptional quality material which is why they have lasted for so long. Vintage products give that nice retro vibe and are passed down for years. If a similar product is produced now it will leave a higher carbon footprint as a lot of chemicals are used these days so vintage products are truly a greener option.

  2. Non-toxic colours or wallpapers- Paints generally have a lot of chemicals to improve their shelf life, duration and colour texture. These paints are not only harmful to the environment but also to humans. One should use paints that are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are harmful chemicals found in many paints, or use organic paints as they are a safer option, one can also opt for wallpapers as these options are environmentally friendly. One should opt for light coloured walls as it makes the rooms feel more spacious and makes the room appear brighter.

  3. House plants- When it comes to good design you can never underestimate the importance of having plants in your house. One can add indoor plants which look aesthetic and purify the air in your home. You can have a small aloe vera plant, money plant, or a mini cactus which is small enough to keep on your desk or shelf.

  4. Small eco-friendly changes - Small eco-friendly changes are like small steps towards making a great positive impact on the environment. There are several home decor ideas you can incorporate like Beeswax candles, Handmade bamboo baskets and trays, Rugs made with natural materials like jute, wool, cotton to enhance your place and are also sustainable. Hence, more sustainable decor could be used to make homes prettier.  

  5. Recycled metal, clay and plastic- Every recycled product used reduces the need to buy a new metal or plastic product. Recycling is the best way to use the product without creating waste. Using traditional clay matka’s in place of plastic bottles to store drinking water in households is one way to control the use of plastic in homes.

  6. Appliances- One can opt for 5 star rated home appliances as they save electricity and reduce carbon footprint in some way, and using LED lights in place of traditional tube lights reduces electricity consumption. 

  7. Repurpose old furniture to new- Although it's easier to purchase new furniture than making your old furniture look new, Repurposing your furniture is not only cost-effective but also doesn't have a negative impact on the environment.

One can follow these sustainable ideas to decorate their homes while keeping in mind the positive implications of eco-friendly home decor which inflicts minimal or no harm to the environment. 


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