DIY home decor ideas during Lockdown

DIY home decor ideas during Lockdown Tips And Tricks

A year after being confined inside the home due to restrictions and lockdown, everyone is craving for some change in scenery. It is very important to take out time for yourself and indulge in things you enjoy and try to learn new activities, especially in these strenuous times. During this lockdown we are all re-evaluating what our homes can be, our home has become our place of work, our gym, and our restaurant so one needs a bit of overhaul for some change inside their four walls. 

People stuck at home and looking for some kind of visual change can consider these outside the box DIY home decor ideas:

Recycling containers into DIY planters
Plants not only improve indoor air quality by purifying the air but also looks aesthetically pleasing and make your room look amazing. One can use the leftover plastic takeaway containers, coffee mug, and bottles to plant small planters in them and can color the containers. This not only looks amazing but will also help reuse the containers. You can also grow veggies in a small container during this pandemic and use it for personal use and hang these small veggie buckets near the window so they get ample sunlight. If you have a small vase with flowers you can also hang them with the help of metal wire or unwind your metal hanger and use it as a flower pot holder.
You can also make wooden shelves, where you can stick a small wooden plank on the wall and keep the small planters or books on them.

Pillow cover made of old clothes
Why throw away your clothes when you can make DIY pillow covers made of your favourite shirts, kurtas, and other clothes. We get t-shirts, shirts, sarees and many other clothes in the form of gifts. DIY Pillow from clothes is an easy way to upcycle and reuse your shirts. All you need to do is cut the cloth in 2 pieces, stitch from all sides, keep an opening on top to put the pillow in, and voila you have your customized pillow cover.

Paper quilling
Paper quilling, also called paper filigree, is the art of taking thin strips of colored paper, rolling them into a coil, pinching them to form a shape, and then gluing the shapes together to form objects and design. This is a fun and creative activity and the end result looks amazing. One can hang these objects near windows, or make greeting cards and unique designs to decorate your home.

Lampshade and Baskets made of rope
We use baskets for laundry and to keep fruits, etc and we can make them with the help of ropes. You need a balloon and a string for this, you need to blow the balloon up and then use glue and make rounds around the balloon with the string, then after the glue dries up just burst the balloon inside and you will have your basket, lampshade or any other object that you make out of it.

Knife holder
Making a knife holder is one of the easiest DIY activities where all you need is a wooden block, glue, and some magnets, you have to paste the magnets behind the thin wooden block and stick the block on the wall in your kitchen. Then all you need to do is just place the knife on the wooden block and it'll stick due to the magnet.

Paint and repurpose your old glass bottles
All you need are some old glass bottles, some acrylic paint, and brushes. This is one of the most amazing and inexpensive ways to make your interior look amazing by hanging these bottles and one can also add lights inside which look mesmerising when switched on in the dark.

DIY Modern Abstract Art
Making abstract art for your space is easier than you might think, using different paint and making imperfect art would look attractive hung on an empty wall. This DIY art is easy to make and it gives you a true sense of achievement when you make it and hang it in your house. It looks stunning and the key for abstract art is not overthinking about it and just going with the flow.

Photo wall 

You can display your old pictures on the wall by hanging them on string lights and the end result will look mesmerizing. You can relive the memories and it looks wonderful on the wall.

You can follow these DIY ideas and make changes in your home decor and have some changes in the interiors. This pandemic has confined everyone inside their homes and making some changes in your house can help you stay positive and find happiness in small joys in life.

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