Buying vs Renting a Property in Mumbai

Buying vs Renting a Property in Mumbai Buying Guide

Buying vs Renting a Property in Mumbai

If you are planning to settle down in Mumbai, you will have two options to go for. Either rent a house or buy one. In a city like Mumbai where the property rates are so high, many would suggest you to rent out a house. And if at all, you intend to buy a home in Mumbai, you need to analyze and consider a few criteria's. The very first and foremost thing you need to think about is the budget that you have set in your mind. You might take one under home loan, but you will be required to pay a huge down payment. And if you choose to rent, then similarly there are things that needs to be known.

We give you a list of advantages for both buying a home and renting one. Because it is your hard earned money, we would like to leave it upon you to make a decision.

Another thing that you need to consider is the location since it is going to be a lifelong investment, your future plans needs to be consider.  The many advantages of buying a home are:

·The price of a home rises in many years and you will be building up equity. So this is one advantage.

·Your principal and interests amounts will remain the same while you are paying your loan.

·You can leave your home and give it up for rent. So your own home can be an investment for you.

·You have all the freedom to decorate your interiors as you please which you may not get to do if you are on rent.

There are many advantages of living in a rented house too. Read below to find out:

·You do not have to pay any maintenance charges. If anything goes wrong inside your house, the owner is liable to get it done for you.

·It becomes much easier to relocate to any other city. If you have better career options for you elsewhere, moving out will never be a problem. Not only because you are on rent, but also because you are not emotionally attached to that house.

·You can stay away from being an owner to a depreciating asset.  The real estate industry is such that you do not get any guarantee. You cannot be sure or certain that the price of your home will increase over time. So with a rented house, you do not have to worry about that.

There are cons of the same too.  Buying a home is a big decision; hence make clear analysis till you make the final decision.  Consider the pros and cons of buying and renting and accordingly make a choice based on whatever fits your budget and requirements.

Tell us your choice between the two and also the reason in the comments section below!!


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