Buying a house then make sure you do a documents checklist

Buying a house then make sure you do a documents checklist Buying Guide

Buying a house is no easy task. First time homebuyers always think about what documents are needed to buy a house or what paperwork do you need to buy a house. Even if you are well prepared, there are always last-minute things that you need to take care of.

Some of these include getting an NOC, getting a pre-approval letter from the bank, and checking the property for any potential problems.
A person devotes a considerable portion of their life to the purchase of their dream home. In truth, the home-buying process may be more challenging, particularly for first-time purchasers; nevertheless, with the appropriate knowledge of necessary paperwork, and the assistance of a reputable real estate broker, home-buying may not appear to be strenuous job.Depending on the sort of property you want to buy, you'll need different kinds of documentation.

A documents checklist is an easy way to make sure that you don't forget any important document that will help with the purchase process. All you need to do is create a list of all the documents that are required for your specific situation along with what they are used for. When its time to buy your house, all you have to do is go down your list and make sure that everything has been taken care of. 

Here’s a list of documents needed in your home buying process:

Title Report- A title report is a document that summarizes a property's legal status as well as relevant ownership information.

Copy Of Building Plan- A buyer must obtain a copy of the building plan that has been authorised by the statutory body to ensure that the property is being built legally and in accordance with established rules and regulations.

No-Objection Certificates (NOC)- A NOC is a document that states specific information about a property and is issued by government entities, local governments, banks, and even individuals. In real estate deals, a NOC serves as confirmation that there will not be any legal hassle from the side of the NOC-provider, if the deal takes place.

Possession Letter- A possession letter is a crucial document to have when buying a home. The seller gives the buyer a possession letter that specifies the date of possession. A possession letter ensures that ownership of a property is effectively transferred from the seller/owner to the buyer.

Property Tax Receipts- Taxes must be paid by property owners. Ensure that the previous owner paid the property taxes and that there are no outstanding balances. Property tax receipts can also be used to prove a property's legal status.

Encumbrance Certificate-  It is a mandatory document used in property transactions as evidence of free title/ownership.

Sale deed- A sale deed is a legal document that documents the transfer of a property's title, rights, and ownership from a seller to a buyer.The purchase or sale of the property is not legally complete until a sale deed is signed between the buyer and the seller.

Completion/Occupancy Certificate- Occupancy Certificate examines and certifies a property's adherence to ordinances, civic amenities, electricity, sanitation, and other permissions is examined and certified.  A Completion Certificate, on the other hand, is a document that verifies that a property is ready for the buyers to take possession. Both these documents are necessary for homebuyers.

Allotment Letter
- An allocation letter is a necessary document when applying for a house loan. It is provided by a developer or a housing authority and contains information on the property as well as the amount paid to the developer by the buyer.

Share Certificate- A share certificate is a legal document issued by a cooperative housing society certifying that a certain member is the registered owner of shares in the cooperative housing society. Because the entire share capital does not have to match the number of shares issued, the member is given 10 shares (worth Rs 500).

All these documents form a crucial part of the chain of documents needed to purchase a home. When applying for a resale house loan, you must additionally provide these documents to the bank. If any of these papers are missing or the seller is unable to produce them, it is recommended that you do not purchase the apartment since you may have difficulties in the future while selling the property or applying for other services from the appropriate authorities.


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