6 listing photo mistakes to avoid when selling a home

6 listing photo mistakes to avoid when selling a home Selling Guide

In real estate, pictures need to say more than a thousand words -- they need to define your home. Creating an extraordinary impact is still important for people who want to sell a home, especially if they want to sell quickly with the help of social media. But in the age of online listings, photos make an actual impression on potential buyers. Buyers wouldn't even consider buying a property if the resale property doesn’t have a photograph. So the quality of listing photos with proper description has a bigger impact on home sales. Homes with photographs taken with a professional DSLR camera or a good phone would do wonders for the property. Such properties have a likelihood of selling fast. All this is to say, compromise of the quality of   photos. It could cost you literally thousands of rupees or rather delay in selling to a potential buyer. There are certain practises that one should avoid whenever one is listing it on a property portal

~ Here are 7 photo mistakes that you should avoid when selling a home ~  

Posting blurry or low-quality photos

No property portal will ever use blur pictures to sell their products. An out of focus photo will in general leave an impression that the seller is hiding certain house features.  Homeowners can use a tripod which is easily available online to get a steady shot, or hire a professional who specializes in residential photography. High-resolution or rather good quality photos can give sellers a really good edge on the market. So why stay behind in the rat race of selling your home?     

Marketing a house rather than a lifestyle

There is a vast difference between marketing a house and marketing the lifestyle of the residents. To top the race a seller must look how to stand out through his house pictures. Images should let that house speak. There shouldn’t be empty rooms in houses that look useless and unoccupied. Your ultimate goal should be to invite people & make them see themselves in the picture. Clearly, sellers should be watchful not to feature many personal items that could make the room look cluttered and unbidden. 

Showing too much clutter or too many personal items

Marketing a lifestyle is good until and unless excessive clutter, garbage or personal trinkets gets noticed by a potential buyer. Every real estate deal involves selling space so sellers should be sure their homes are clean, cleaning supplies are neatly tucked away, before taking a photo. But it isn't just clutter that could get in the way of a sale. To help make decisions about what should stay and what should go, and potentially increase the value of a home.  

Using images that are too dark or too bright

Good photography +  good lighting = More Buyers. 

The right light can make a property look bigger. Plus, more simply, people have to be able to see a home before they'll think about buying it. To bring genuine buyers bright photos are stimulants that can make your home look more fresh which will accentuate quality. 

Tips to click good photos ~ To lighten and brighten a home for a photo, draw back the curtains, replace old window treatments, replace heavy draperies with mini-blinds, increase the wattage of the bulbs in your fixtures and consider painting the walls in a light, neutral color.

Not adding enough photos to a listing

It's not just the quality of listing photos that will potentially provoke a homebuyer's interest, it's also the quantity. Every room should have at least 2-3 pictures so that the best pictures make it online. Giving options will do no harm.

Using outdated photos

Featuring images that were taken long back is another form of listing photo malpractice. Photographs should be up-to-date, showing how a house would look to a buyer today in person.

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