5 ways to convert your home into an office

5 ways to convert your home into an office Tips And Tricks

Covid changed world dynamics. The pre-COVID normal - when the office was about travel, meetings, or a sit down with colleagues to brainstorm or casually chat, might not return for some with firms opting for permanent work from home models. Such a scenario raises the question- how to have an optimum work-from-home setup? 

Read on and you shall know.

5 ways to convert your home into an office

Pick a corner:

Pick a corner for work and make it your own. One good thing about remote work is that you can have all the comfort in the world. Make an office out of a little area of the living room, bedroom, or a small passage in any room.


When was the last time you cleaned your workspace? Online work from home has changed the dynamics. Your home has become the office. And hence it has become imperative to keep your workspace tidy. Toss everything that has to go, collect stray pens in a single stylish container, and file the stacks of paper. Make sure you have all of your workday needs near at reach and relocate all non-essentials. 

Work Desk:

What office element do you miss the most while doing work from home? Your Work desk! Assign a work desk and optimize it to house just the essentials-  your laptop, work diary, charger, and all the work files. 


Get creative with the accessories. Add some motivational quotes and hang some images of influential personalities. Keep a stationary holder or a caricature that looks presentable and at the same time professional.


In a home office, proper lighting is essential. During Zoom meetings, lighting has an impact on your attitude, productivity, and appearance. A desktop or floor lamp that diffuses light via a shade or reflects it off a wall or ceiling adds ambient light.

What is the most interesting characteristic about working from home? It is your own space. To make your work reflect your personality, you don't need permission from your supervisor or facilities. You can be as creative as you want - Hang art that is meaningful to you on the wall, tropical plants could be all around you, or maybe just add a snack drawer if you’re the one to munch frequently, it all depends on you! But once you get the essentials that we’ve listed for you right, you would definitely miss the office a bit less!  

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