5 Minimal Home Decor ideas

5 Minimal Home Decor ideas Tips And Tricks

The minimalist home decor style gives importance to space, lighting, furnishing and bare essentials which deliver maximum impact. Pairing things down to the basics and getting rid of the superfluous can do wonders.
It's no secret that the majority of the world is leaning towards materialistic joys on the other hand some are leaning towards a minimalist lifestyle. With finding joy in small things there are certains ways in which one can set up their home with minimalistic but modern home decor.
If you are hesitant about how to get started, our step-by-step guide to minimalist home decor ideas will help you kick things off.

While colour plays an important role in a maximalists lifestyle, a minimalist decor includes white, cream colour,neutral colour interior. The colour looks fresh, clean and serene. A place with natural lighting against the white wall would look stunning.
You can use different textures in a similar tone, if one has white walls they can choose blue,grey colour bed sheets, pillows,rugs, etc.

The key is for the space to feel clean and not cluttered with boundless furnishings, accessories, and colors that do not complement. One needs to choose quality over quantity and get furniture which is simplistic and focuses on functionality and practicality. Furniture needs to be clean, with defined lines and flat surfaces. Furniture with a lack of handles is also soothing to the eye.

When it comes to good design you can never underestimate the importance of having plants as part of your living space. One can add indoor plants which look aesthetic and purify the air in your home. Best thing about plants is the versatility it offers  in terms of scale.You can have a small aloe vera plant, money plant,or a mini cactus which is small enough to keep it on your desk or shelf or a huge one to be kept on the floor.

You can invest in some wool rug that would compliment the wall or the furniture. You can also add some vases  which can either be handmade or you may purchase from some home decor shop.

You can add a wooden wall clock or a Roman numbered wall clock that would provide a perfect touch to an empty wall and would perfectly blend with a room with good lighting. You can also buy cheap antique artifacts or also buy artwork to hang on the walls which would make the wall look fabulous. 

One needs to keep it simple, tone it down and follow the one in, one out strategy where one needs to only buy a thing when he gets rid of something. You need to only invest in things you actually need. Nothing is out of place in a minimalist interior which only promotes using lesser things more effectively. 


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