10 DIY Diwali Decor Ideas for your home

10 DIY Diwali Decor Ideas for your home Tips And Tricks

Diwali,  a festival of lights and joy is just around the corner and you will see many beautiful decoratives sold everywhere. So, why don’t you start with a fun DIY project to deck up your house. It doesn’t need to be very complicated or hard to make. There are many easy and quick ways which will hardly take an hour to create some beautiful decor.

To aid you with this matter, We have listed a few unique Do It Yourself decor ideas for you to try this Diwali which is easy to implement and will surely make your apartment look more lit.

1) Cinnamon Scented Candles 

Buy fresh and long cinnamon sticks and wrap it around the candle. It makes a very beautiful centrepiece on a side table or dining table also it smells divine, these candles can easily steal the heart of onlookers with its elegant look and enticing fragrance.

Image courtesy: .homestoriesatoz

2) Paper Lantern

The bright and vibrant paper lanterns can enhance the beauty of both indoor and outdoor areas of your home, providing the much-needed illumination we seek on Diwali. Their touch of glamour can certainly become the talking point amongst your guests this Diwali. To make this lantern take a box, make triangles and diamond panels on it, colour the box white or any colour you prefer, glue in your favourite colour paper. Insert the lighting fixture through the opening of the box and hang them from the ceiling.

Image courtesy: thecraftyangels

3) Mason jar lamp

Instead of stashing away old mason jars in the pantry or throwing it away. Why not make something totally unique? Here is a DIY that will turn your old jars into a glow-in-dark lamp. All you need to do is fill mason jars with bright fairy lights and arrange them together in a nook or corner of the house for a glowing and energetic look, Isn’t this the easiest of them all? 

Image courtesy Pinterest 

4) Recycled Tin-Can candle holder

To increase the liveliness of your Diwali decoration this year. You can try making this unique wall sconce tea-light holder. All you need is empty food cans and some ropes to hang them on, glue the colorful paper to the cans then tie the cord around the tin and hang the cans to the hanger.

Image courtesy icreativeideas

5) Wine glass floating candle

For a trendy makeover of your dining table for this festive season. You can try making this beautiful wine glass centerpiece. All you need is a long stem wine glass fill it with water add few petals for decoration and lastly add a tea-light candle.

Image courtesy Pinterest 

6) Glitter covered mason jar

Get different sizes of mason glass jars spread glue on it and add sparkle to it. Place the tea light candles inside the mason jar. Light the tea light candles and watch your home light up with a magical glow.

Image Coursey: Putitinajar

7)  Recycle Bangles Tea-light lamp

Add glitter on your regular bangles to give them a new lease of life. Now apply glue to the inner side of the bangles and attach them to the plain glasses used every day. Place candles inside the glasses and arrange these on the dining table or side tables. You may also place it on a tray decorated with rose petals.

Image courtesy Pinterest 

8) DIY Thread Lantern 

This one is a fun DIY. First, you need to inflate a balloon and tie ends well. Now spread glue on the ball and wrap it with the thread you can opt for colourful woolen thread or jute thread. Take a pin to get the air out of the balloon and after deflating it get it out gently. Insert the lighting fixture through the only opening to the ball and hang them from the ceiling for a lovely festive look

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

9) Pistachio shell candle holder 

If you like experimenting then this pistachio shell candle is what you’re looking for. To make this candle holder collect the shells of pistachios, clean them and make sure they are not broken. Cut cardboard pieces in a round disc-like shape, paint the shells with sparkle spray paints or acrylic colours and you’re good to go, now you can place them around the corner of the doors or windows.

Image courtesy: Pinterest 

10) Mason jar lace tea-light lamp 

Get different sizes of mason jars and wrap it up with lace fabric. To make it more attractive add a colourful ribbon or yarn tie on it. Place a tea light candle inside the jar. This type of decoration offers soft and subtle illumination, adding a mild and majestic glow to your rooms.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

There are many such DIY projects you can try your hands on to spice up your space not just during the festive season but also on a regular basis. We hope these not so repetitious and mundane traditional decors will surely add some trendy twist to your space this Diwali.


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