Akshaya Tritiya set to usher in positive changes

03-May-2019    |    Source:    Mumbai Mirror


Real estate developers and customers feel that Akshaya Tritiya is set to usher in positive changes

Akshaya Tritiya, considered to be auspicious, is an ideal time to invest in the real estate sector. Even developers in the sector do their best to offer lucrative deals to the public so as to generate highest sales during the day. The aim is to not just gather sales, but also offer possession of units as customers find this time of the calendar as the most auspicious time to not just buy a property, but also shift and settle in the newly purchased unit.

Talking about the trend, Deepak Kapoor, a leading developer, shares, "Since this time is considered auspicious to buy property, greater footfall of potential buyers is observed in our site offices; and if footfall is high, the chances of conversion also increases. This has somewhere been a trend in the Indian real estate sector where sales are recorded bigger in number during the festive seasons versus the non-festive seasons. Another leading developer explains the reason, "This day, we can actually cover the misses incurred throughout the calendar year. Akshaya Tritiya turns out to be great for us as we witness higher bookings as compared to regular days."

Even the developers offer various goodies, special payment plans and other such add-ons during the festive period so as to extract the maximum during this time. "With our special festive payment plans offered for our projects, we are actually able to reap out great numbers. We are usually able to gather 10-12 bookings without a festive season offer in nine-day tenure; but with Navratri special schemes, our numbers got doubled with 25 bookings made in these days," states another leading real estate player.


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Mayfair Aasaan  ( from  Rs. 15.8 Lacs to 20.5 Lacs)

Shagun by Royale Group ( from Rs. 9.9 Lacs to 14.1 Lacs)


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