A Property Management Software that you’ll actually want to use.

Ipropertist Manager is simply going to revolutionize your work experience, sales and earnings. How? Book a free demo with one of our iPropertist Experts to find out!!


Manage your work, don’t let it manage you!! With the multitude of appointments, contacts, and databases that you have to maintain, it is easier said than done. Result – inefficiency and stress.

With a host of modules and features designed after careful consideration of problems faced by people from the sector, you can relieve yourself of all your worries.


Complex interfaces often discourage people from switching to technology from traditional means. With an interface similar to modern social media and microblogging sites, Ipropertist Manager is simple to learn and easy to use.

By bringing all your work related information under a single roof, it reduces task repetition as you can simply copy or move data around. Easy doesn’t even begin to describe it!!


Three things that make the difference between success and failure: Organization, Planning and prioritizing. Thankfully, the iPropertist Manager accomplishes all of them for you. It enhances the quantity and quality of your communications. Automation of responses uplifts the design and tone of your emails, letters and reports and helps generate positive sentiments among the clientele.

To say that it would increase your earnings would be an understatement.

Introducing the iPropertist interface

iPropertist has a usability focus which means the interface is where we spend a lot of time thinking. Other products don’t display their interface on the homepage, that’s a shame, because from our point of view if you spend day in and day out looking at something it should be deeply considered.

iPropertist App
in the cloud

iPropertist App is built for the cloud, making it available any time anywhere and on whatever device you want to use.

The cloud infrastructure also makes iPropertist less vulnerable to failure and a more secure place for your data systems.