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Monsoon Rain

Monsoons are bonanza for home buying

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YES, monsoons are appropriate time to inspect property - Looking for property but cannot do a site visit and close the deal? But are you aware that monsoon is the perfect time to make a deal. A deal in monsoon will give you an idea about how the house will be after few years down the line and also about its resale value.
Monsoons are perfect to investigate any issue in the construction be it leakages, waterlogging or drainage issues. Monsoons will give you a perfect judgement about the potential of the property and cost incurred in repairing. Homebuyers can also demand for necessary repairs before cracking a deal.
One most important thing while making a top floor apartment deal is to check well about the leakage issues.
Location is important – As we all are aware that monsoons all over the country attract a lot of traffic jam. However hunting for a property in monsoons can give you a clue about the condition of roads, connectivity in monsoons and estimate of the water-logging situation. This will help you in analysing the transportation duration to school, station, workplace etc. As monsoons in India is a nightmare.
Time to Negotiate - In India buying real estate in monsoons is considered inauspicious. Therefore to boost the sale, builders come up with jaw dropping offers, deals and payment schemes. So monsoon is the time where you can grab the offers and really mean by Happy Monsoons!! This discounts completely depend on the location. For instance if there is any problem like waterlogging, leakages or drainage, you can always negotiate and make the deal in your favor and get adequately good deal to take home.
Discounted home loan rates - In monsoons, not only builders come up with the offers but even banks come up with the discounted rates for home loan. Banks also negotiate the interest rates on home loans. Monsoons can give you glory of discounts and clear idea about the property you willing to buy.
- Monsoons are lean season for realty sector. Hence there is a full chance of bargaining the price.
- A definite clue is acquired about the location. The traffic jam, potholes, transportation distress etc. Can be judged in monsoon.
- Homebuyers can consider monsoon as an advantage to get an estimate about the flaws in the property.
Consequently, monsoons will make you bask your glory in discounts and deals for investing in real estate. You can also look for bigger houses within your allotted budget. So get ready for your house hunt!!

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