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Vaastu Tips

Important Vaastu Shastra Tips for Your Home

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Are you planning to move into a new house? Do you believe Vaastu can get you good luck? Well, if yes, here are some Vaastu guidelines for you.
Vaastu is a scientific approach which deals in balancing your life wherein a human has to deal with a lot of stress and depression. The first thing suggested in a new house is to place an altar and play some devotional songs to cut off the negative energy from the space.
So, if you are not moving into brand new home you will need to do the following things:
  • Make sure that you have cleaned the house and also things which were used by the previous tenant/owners.
  • Make sure that you're replacing all the fused bulbs with new lights. Give a new coat of paint to gates and walls.
  • Clean closets, cabinets and change the mats and carpets.
  • Dispose all the broken junk / clutter from the house irrespective of whether you are staying temporarily or permanently.
  • Cleaning up the space will bring out some positive aura so that your new start will make you feel fresh and eliminate all the negative aura.
  •  It is also important that how you feel when you step in the house. Yes, aura of the house matters. It is all about the aura you get from the house.
So, we have jotted out some of the Vaastu tips which will hopefully benefit you in your daily life.  These tips may possibly sort your worries and bring peace to you.
Entrance tips –
  • North direction should not be blocked as it is considered important for prosperity.
  • Entrance must be towards east, well decorated as it is considered very auspicious
  • In case there is slope in your house then it must be from south to north or from west to east.
  • If there are paintings or posters of war scene, crying women, angry human or eagle and owl then remove it immediately as it could spread negative energy.
  • Vaastu suggests to burn incense sticks in evening and morning which impacts in powerful cosmic cleanser.
Living Room –
  • North direction is always appropriate for living room.
  • Air - condition or Air cooler must not be in south east direction, it should always be in west.
  • Furniture must be in south and west direction of the house only.
  • Place the TV in South - east corner of the space.
  • Place the paintings and portraits of God on North - east wall of the home.
  • Use white, green, blue and light yellow in living room.
  • No cactus plant must be grown in the house.
  • Avoid red and black color in living room.
  • Avoid keeping aquarium in south as in absorbs all the positive energy out of the house.
Kitchen –
  • It is said that always place your gas in South - East of kitchen. And if possible place your whole kitchen in south-east corner of house. If not atleast place your stove in north-west corner.
  • As cooking must be done in east, so when the stove in placed in south east direction the person cooking food will face in east direction.
  • Water storage vessels must be place in north - east side either it be earthen pots or some purifier.
  • Avoid using Black color in kitchen. Instead use bright colors like yellow, rose, green or orange.
  • The pooja room should never be built above the kitchen as it brings bad luck.
Bedroom –
  • It is always advisable the master bedroom must be occupied by the head of the house and it must be in south west direction of the house and not in the north.
  • While sleeping, always keep your head towards south.
  • Make sure that the door of the bedroom is of single shutter and doesn’t makes noise while opening.
  • In master bedroom, almirah, wardrobes and other storage must be placed in south - west corner.
  • The dressing table must be placed in north or east wall.
  • Make sure that no body part is reflected in the mirror while sleeping as it causes medical illness of the reflected body part.
  • Kindly avoid TV, PCs in the bedroom. Yes, it is difficult but things work this way.
  • If there is bathroom or bedroom over a kitchen it can cause illness in the house.
This will keep all the evil eyes away and will help you feel comfortable, solace and create good memories. Though, these tips are offered by us post research, it is always advisable to consult an expert if you have a particular concern in your mind.


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