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The Propertist is a property portal for marketing properties of Owners/Agents/Builders. We aim to provide complete property solutions to individuals, agents & builders who are looking to buy/sell/ rent property in Mumbai.

The Propertist is an attempt to bring together the positives of a property portal and social media platform with an intention to ease networking amongst the property experts. We have integrated features that no other property portal provides.


We provide our clients features that no other property portal with provide.

'Follow' functionality

For our buyers/agents/builders we, for the first time on any property portal, have introduced the “Follow” functionality. This functionality lets you “Follow” your agent/ builder of interest. The follower will be able to see all the property updates of that agent/builder or multiple number of agents/builders on his timeline. This functionality can be used by any buyer who is looking out for property in any area or by a fellow agent who seeks to get in touch with another agent and know about his properties on the main website. We help to bring people together- May be you strike a deal .

CRM Software

With our CRM software we aim to reduce paper work, no register/note pad/ diary/appointment maintenance. We provide a complete solution where you can add your properties offline to maintain your records, put in your important appointments, reminders and contact list. We aim to make everything easily accessible to an agent at one point of time just at the click of a button – and all this with complete confidentiality. No one other than the agent himself will have access to any of these details.

We completely assure our users that the website and the CRM software are two different entities. No confidential data will be produced on the website from the CRM software. We totally understand the risk and take complete onus.

With our portal we only aim to increase communication and create a bridge between the buyer and seller . We put in complete hardwork and dedication to ensure we satisfy all your property needs.

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